3 mrt. 2013


With my mother and sister we have visited an exhibition in Rotterdam, Kunsthal, about Jean Paul Gaultier: 

Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best designers of the world, so it was a really cool exhibition. The showed some pretty nice stuff. As soon as we walked in we were blown away by the technology they used on the mannequins. I had to look twice before I noticed they weren't human, but dolls. The set-up was amazing, everything looked so nice and beautiful. Especially for the Dutch version mister J.P. Gaultier made the Amsterdam brothel rooms from the Red Light District. Over there he shows the famous costume he made for Dita Von Teese. Something else that caught my intension was the moving catwalk. He had place some mannequins on an assembly line so it looked like models walking up and down the catwalk. The room that I liked the most was the one with the Haute-Couture inspired on native peoples.