24 okt. 2011


Almost a year ago, I participated in a fashion contest. Here some pics of 2 of my beautiful models (the blond one is my sis). There were 2 other girls and a boy, but they couldn't make it this day. You can watch the vid below to see te fashion show in the Westergas Fabriek:


You had to work with the theme 'illusion'. I interpreted it as in a dream or hallusination. It's about seeing things that don't exists.

23 okt. 2011


Our little trip to Amsterdam!

Some originally shoes. In the past everyone walked on these.

 My sis has dots everywhere

 Yeah, we are spending your money! Gna gna

A little snapshot of me in the fitting room

One of the best shop's in Amsterdam! It's called Zipper, they only sell vintage clothes.

Imagine the pole getting cold.

Another nice vintage shop.

In case you gets hungry.

Do you want to mary me?

Nice pair of shoes.

Did someone said sale?

It's a dog eat dog world.

Reflection of the sunset in the Amsterdam canal.

There are some protests in the Netherlands right now against capitalism. People have a tent camp set up on the exhibition square in Amsterdam. Here some pics of it.