15 dec. 2011


Cute little bag

The fabric I used for this bag, is printed with typical Dutch scenes.
You can see a windmill, a ship and some tulips.

9 dec. 2011


Yesterday I went to this awsome exhibition called: fashion loves art. It's about famous designers get their inspiration from paintings. 

The famous Mondriaan dress by Yves Saint Laurent.

Vivian Westwood get her inspiration from paintings of the 17th en 18th century.

Givenchy inspired by Frida Kahlo

From the collection of Dior.

Coco Chanel, under an detail pic of the dress above.

A dress from Andy Warhol made out of paper. 
Its inspired, as you see, on the Campbell's soup cans.

An other dress from Coco Chanel, inspired on a abstract painting.

Alexander McQueen

Ad Dekkers

An other dress from Coco Chanel

My mam watching the Dior fashion show.

24 okt. 2011


Almost a year ago, I participated in a fashion contest. Here some pics of 2 of my beautiful models (the blond one is my sis). There were 2 other girls and a boy, but they couldn't make it this day. You can watch the vid below to see te fashion show in the Westergas Fabriek:


You had to work with the theme 'illusion'. I interpreted it as in a dream or hallusination. It's about seeing things that don't exists.